May Cipher

A tough one this. But I can tell you that it’s a substitution code with a Darwinian key – and an extract from Chapter 1 of The Darwin Code.

How does it begin?

How does it end?

The first person to crack this difficult puzzle was Katelyn Paddock. Huge congratulations to Katelyn, the JCC May Champion, who spotted that the key was EVOLUTIN (evolution with the second o deleted.)

e cfllux wyguwuxd oefind npc edduxdpyx9 e ispxd yt cduus9 e rxptu9 vux tbymu9

nu syhubul pd fxnfbbpulsk4 ec pt buspcnpxi dnu zyhub pd iegu npw9

dnu vselu hec syxi4 cnebz exl sudnes9 csyhsk4 luspvubedusk4 nu zfcnul pd tybheblc pxdy vux*c cdyweon9 nu oyfsl tuus dnu cduus dpz dnbyfln npc d@cnpbd9