Cryptic Crossword

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JCC Cryptic Crossword 1


To become a Bletchley Park Code Cracker (and help Alan Turing crack the Enigma Code) you had to complete a cryptic crossword. Can you solve this?

1  This scientist is a German mug (8)
5  One of two on the head left for aristocrat (4)
7  Your best kept secret (3)
8  Long cloak of Good Hope (4)
10  No noise for Norse god (4)
11  Choose short operation time (3)
12  Ante explosions in Italy? (4)
13  Old boyfriend’s mobile number erased – best thing you ever did (8)

1  All the singles (8)
2  Travelling car cot in ecstasy (8)
3  The mice have already been at the cheese? (8)
4  Give your handle to a joker (8)
6  Son put down with one eye out we hear (3)
9  Edible part of photocopier (3)