February Code

There’s a perfect song for February, written by the superb duo below. It is best sung (in my opinion) by the lady at the piano, and is called:


Do you know her name?  If not, maybe your parents do? Or try searching The First Lady of Song. As you see, she applauded science, but you may not know that she set up a charity to support children, reading and music. What’s not to love?

My cipher is based on her version of the song, that is with Intro, Chorus and Verse, but no repeats (relevant for one character only). Hyphenated words are counted as one word only. 

43 4 61   15 39 13 107  44 107  38 22 75 58 107   3 69 12 8   102 82  
8 107 26 112 2

The JCC Champions who first cracked this difficult double puzzle are Katie Schilling and Laila Dar – very impressive work.