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The October JCC Challenge is a Book Cipher. You can find it in The Darwin Code, or else on this site as Jess’s Book Cipher. Can you understand the secret message? Huge congratulations to Katie Schilling, first to crack it and again JCC Champion of the month. 

October 2018 Cipher

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Apologies if you have been bothered by the recent ads. I was too, when I saw them for the first time today. It’s a new feature I had to pay to get rid of. So I have, because I suspect that you may have found them as annoying as me. They should now disappear. 

For plots involving codes, there are lots of ciphers in my books. 

Have fun!

Jo x

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If you would like a code-cracking course, I often run them in UK primary and secondary schools, as well as writing workshops and Einstein or Darwin assemblies.

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