Welcome. Every month (at least) there is a new code or cipher to crack. 

September Cipher       

Congratulations to Katie Schilling and Laila Dar, September’s JCC Champions.

Click on Codes for a new, tougher, challenge. Can you match the master code breakers of old and crack it? (If you need some help there’s now a very big hint if you scroll down the page.)

For a very rewarding challenge, go to https://www.cipherchallenge.org to help Harry, Jodie and Maryam find The Lost Legion.

  The Darwin Code-FC

In this sequel to The Einstein Code, Ben’s adventure continues in Oxford – with more mysteries, more danger – and many more codes. If you enjoy this site, I hope you will also enjoy my books. Besides reading, writing and puzzles, I love school visits, running writing workshops and coding clubs.

To contact me: jobooklover442@gmail.com

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